Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are you a maneater?

So my sisters, ok the whole family, and I are really big TV movie buffs and I found this one that looks really cute airing on Saturday and Sunday at 9pm on Lifetime, Maneater.

'Beautiful, fashionable and fun, Clarissa Alpert (Sarah Chalke)
is a shallow socialite whose speed dial is a veritable Rolodex
of Hollywood power players. Staring her 32nd birthday
directly in the eyes — though she will admit only to being 28 —
the spoiled daddy’s girl is in a panic because she is still single.
Clarissa, though, always gets what she wants —
even if he’s Aaron Mason (Philip Winchester),
the hottest new producer in town. With the help
of her family and friends, Clarissa sets into motion an
elaborate plan to lasso the dashing filmmaker who will,
she hopes, be the man to put a ring on her finger. '
-from Lifetime website

Click on the pic above to go to the movies website and see trailers.

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Kimi said...

it isn't playing here in hawaii on saturday. only sunday. i double check though. can't wait to watch it.