Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lots O' Savings 76%

Total before coupons=$104.09
Savings, coupons used= $79.26
My out of Pocket cost= $24.83

That is a 76% savings, woohoo

Wyatt wanted to be in the pic.
So this is What I got-

Tran #1
10- Hunt's pudding snacks
8- Hunt's Petite diced tomatoes
2- Rotel tomatoes
Total price=39.60
-$2 OYNP coupon
=$18.00 OOP, plus got $5 OYNP(off your next purchase)

Tran #2
3-Yoplait Yo plus
2-Best foods Mayo canola
1-Fiber one toaster pastry
2-Philly Cream cheeses
2-American Kraft singles
-$5 OYNP, Philly Coupon, Kraft Coupon, Albertsons coupons, Yoplait Yo plus coupons, Fiber One coupon
=$3.28 OOP (Out of Pocket)
Next trip to other Albies
Tran #1
4- Kraft BBQ
Push pop for wyatt
-BBQ Coupons, plus got $2 OYNP
=1.79 OOP
Tran #2
4- Yoplait Yo pLus
2- Canola Best Foods May
-$2 OYNP, Yo Plait coupons, Albies coupons For Mayo
=1.76 OOP


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Rachael said...

That's awesome heather! I love those "rolling" promos the stores do around here:)

Hoosier Homemade said...

Wow, you did great!