Friday, May 22, 2009

Building a Potty

So this is Wyatt Wyatt said we were going to do when we got home, 'Let's go build a Potty'.
We hung up a bulletin board in his room to put his potty chart on, every time he goes he gets a star sticker and after a certain amount of stars he will get money or as he likes to call it cash. He has gotten on the potty several times and we have read books, run the water and even gave him a drink, but i am not sure if he is actually going. He says he goes, but I just don't know I think he is afriad to go into the potty, like he can't relax enough to go.
We have had tiny wet spots on the underwear. He can stop it from coming out and then he yells he has to go so we run to the bathroom and he just doesn't go. We will keep trying though the day is still early and he had 2 glasses of juice so he will have to go sometime today, LOL.
The above stool was to high so we went with the one we already had and will return the others to my mom's and just use it there.Wyatt helping daddy hang his new bulletin board.

So on a side note- I have switched my anxiety pills, Paxil, down to 10 mg from 20 mg nd I feel pretty good today, hope this keeps up I just know getting off can be hard so keep those prayers coming. Probably not the best time to potty train, but it all just worked out this way so I have trust that it will all work out.


Beth said...

Yay, Wyatt!!!!

We had the same problem with that wooden stool being way too high. The Ikea ones are a great height for when he starts to stand up.

Kimi said...

I'm glad you guys are finally ready. He's going to do great! I know it!
I'm praying for you. Very proud of you for making hte decision to go 'pill-free'.