Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What's on your list today

I haven't posted a to do list in awhile thought today was as good as any and it might help keep me motivated if it is on here where all can see.

So I have lots to catch up on today. Being gone from Thursday to Sunday doesn't seem like lon,g but kind of is like a week in household cleaning time. Had to vacuum the floors good yesterday since I missed Thursday's vacuuming, dog hair all over in the corners. Things you do regularly don't seem like a big deal to you miss it.

Here is my to dos today-

Meal plan for rest of week
grocery list
swiffer floors
clean laundry room
Change sheets on bed
laundry-sheets, blankets (this is my tuesday laundry)
Put laundry away
Put layouts in album in correct order
Dinner-in crockpot
remove tags*

So I guess it is time to get out of this bed and get started. What is on your list today?
Thanks for stopping by.

*this is the Small things task from Home Sanctuary today, have fun doing this I am completing things you just don't think of like removing tags form things around your home, matching socks, putting all shoes away in there correct spots. You should check it out.

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