Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine weekend

Thursday night Wyatt and I sat down and made up his Valentines for his party the next day. He did a Cars theme card. The cards had a slit for a Cars pencil that came with them so we also slid in a heart straw for each kid. He loved helping do this. This year he even wrote him name on all the cards himself.On Friday Wyatt was his preschool Valentines party. He had so much fun passing out his gifts, listening to stories and having snacks.
Later that day Derek picked up Ryan and Zach so they could spend the weekend with us.
On Saturday Wyatt and I made cupcakes for the party that night.
I have come to love paper products when the boys are here, just makes it a little easier with dishes since I have no dishwasher. And there is usually some kind of holiday going on so I like to get the plates in theme. Thank goodness for the Dollar store.
And a special Thanks to the Bell family for coming over to our 'Valentine Party' Wyatt was very happy to have a party since he missed the Super bowl party due to being sick. We had pizza, soda and cupcakes. Sunday morning for breakfast for the boys I made heart pancakes., they loved them. Was kind of funny Ryan woke up after I had already started them and I am not sure he was all the way awake, but he looked at the pancakes cooking and he said 'Wow those pancakes turned out like hearts' Um ya I did that on purpose Ryan. 'Oh oops"Here is all the art work from Wyatt on the fridge from these past weeks. Pretty sad I have no pics of the boys from this weekend just of stuff , Oops have to watch that next time.


Kimi said...

i tried to do hear pancakes today, blobs is what they came out as. ha. i think my batter was to thin. next time. please do get pics of the boys next's the only way i get to see them. *sniff sniff*
maybe you could tell ryan to get on here more often.

Christine said...

Looks like a fun holiday! Those cupcakes LITERALLY made my mouth water! LOL

lv2scpbk said...

Everything looks yummy.

Melinda said...

The heart pancakes are so cute, and the cupcakes look yummy!