Sunday, February 07, 2010

Scrappin Sunday

Sunday Scrappin’ So I wasn't able to get the layout I wanted to done by today.
You can see my desk in the post below with the start of the layout on it. Might try to do it today, but Wyatt is sick and won't let me off the bed. He wants 'to be with me' as he says. Hubby will be at a Super Bowl party so maybe if Wyatt falls asleep I can work on it.

It is hard though, you ever have one of those layouts you just aren't quit sure what you are going to do. So it sits on your desk for like a week and everytime you walk by it you work on it or just stare at it. And it sits there until what you want just hits you, 'Ahh ha that is what I want to do.' well I think this is one of those layouts.
I did get one layout done this week though, Brothers.

My To Dos this week will just to get the Thomas the Train layout done. That is my goal. Oooh and to convince myself that I do want to take the extra 2-3 hours and hit Lasting Memories srapbook store on my way to pick my boys up on Friday.

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Rebecca said...

I understand layouts like that...this week I completely redid a layout that I rushed but knew wasn't 'right'. Hope Wyatt feels better and you can get some work done on your pages. Have a great week! :)

Christine said...

LOVE the Brothers layout and YEAH I totally know what you're talking about. Some layouts are intimidating for one reason or another and just have to come together in their own time. OH and on another subject, you're talk of your scrappy getaway and all it's AWESOMENESS got me inspired to look for one I could attend! I looked it up and found one pretty reasonable priced and the hubs is actually on board! I'm so excited I can hardly wait til May!

Melinda said...

I have layouts like that all the time. Sometimes my favorite pictures are the hardest to decide on a plan for. Enjoyed visiting your blog today! Hope your

Wani said...

I love how three-dimensional your page is!!

lv2scpbk said...

I'm hoping I can join in on Scrappin Sunday next week.