Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thomas the Train ride....

Hopping the tracks. On our way to the museum..

So this trip was a BIG surprise Wyatt had no idea what we were doing until he saw this drive by us on the way to the gate.As you can see he was so excited and was in shock a little I think.He got to meet Sir Topem Hat(sp).You were able to take pics with Thomas while passengers were getting off and on.They had several different stations the kids could go to- Coloring and Stamping. -Play with trains.
-Bouncy Train House
Here is us on out Train ride. Wyatt was so excited when he felt the train start to move. We read some train books while we waited.
The views were awesome. We saw Snoqualmie Falls and the river.I love this pic of them getting off the train.

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