Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day in Snoqualmie,WA

So along with the Train ride we went to Snoqualmie Falls.
(See train pics in post below)
The boys at the observation deck.

So when we took our train ride we saw the Falls, while at the Falls we saw the trian coming by. Wyatt kept yelling 'There's Thomas, There's Thomas. I rode him'

I wish this pic came out better, can you see the two rainbows, one on top and one on bottom.

If it looks like a really big hill it is becsuae it is, there were three hills like this to get back up from seeing the falls at the bottom.

Hard to see but the falls are right in between us.
The boys did so good and made it back up so they got some ice cream to cool off.

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Kimi said...

i'm so glad you all had a great day up there. looks like a lot of fun.