Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's To Dos

So since I was pretty sick last week i didn't get alot of the major house chores done. Which means alot of catching up this week, so I was hoping if I posted my list it would help me get it all done.
I then also posted my menu for the week at the bottom of the list.

Dinner in crock pot DONE
Dishes DONE
Clean off top of Fridge
Clean bathroom, toilet and sink
Wyatt's room- Clean room, vacuum
Living room- Clean room, vacuum, dust
Swiffer- Floors
Laundry- My blanket, dark load, towels
Fold and Put away laundry
Laundry room, sweep, mop, put shoes away DONE
Checkbook DONE
Pay bills DONE
Costco- nuggets, hot pockets
Walmart-Derek's dip, burner pans
Get gas
Clean up craft table
Put away Halloween stuff into box
Make addy labels for Christmas cards
Organize pictures
Call Candy- P.chef orders, Wyatt's boots
Email Victoria my order DONE
Enter pampers & coke codes DONE
Cascade paperwork
Get charger from Dani

Stuffed Meatballs w/ noodles and sauce, garlic bread

Roast, salad, loaded baked potatoes

Fish, Cheesy Polenta, brocolli

Buffalo Chicken & Pepperoni Pizza

Bacon Ranch Alfredo, Garlic bread, salad


Beth said...

I'm going to post mine right now.

Cyndi said...

Holy cow! You are busy! Make sure you get some time for you in there somewhere.

Beth said...

Is that all you got done? Or did you just forget to update it?

I posted a MPM, and Tuesday's To Do list will be up tomorrow morning.