Wednesday, November 12, 2008


*Make up Christmas To Buy list
*Confirm w/ grandparents what they are buying Wyatt
*Work with Ester 11 to 3:30
*Boil crab that Derek caught today
*Clean bathroom- toilet and sink
*Wyatt's room- Clean room, vacuum
*Laundry- My blanket, dark load, towels
*Fold and Put away laundry
*Costco- nuggets, hot pockets
*Clean up craft table
*Make addy labels for Christmas cards
*Organize pictures
*Cascade paperwork
*Clean off top of Fridge
*From Candy- P.chef orders, Wyatt's boots, buckets

As you can see I still have several things on my list from the last several days, some will just be when I get a spare moment and I can get to them. Yesterday I got nothing, but the dishes done. I took Wyatt to our friend, Candy's, for the day and I decided with my time alone I would go shopping and also ended up seeing a movie, Role Model, with my sister Dani. So I didn't get home till 6 right in time to make dinner and watch shows.

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