Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New To do list

So yesterday i got a call from my friend Candy, her daughter was getting married that night and they were trying to set up the convention center for a reception for afterwards. She needed some help so she didn't go insane trying to finish it all with the little time she had left, so I jumped in my car and helped her out for 3 hours. So I didn't get alot done on my list because right after that I came home and finished dinner and then Tom and Ester came over to eat with us so the rest of the night was shot.
So here is my list for today, hopefully it all gets done...

*Clean off top of Fridge
*Clean bathroom- toilet and sink
*Wyatt's room- Clean room, vacuum
*Laundry- My blanket, dark load, towels
*Change and wash sheets
*Fold and Put away laundry
*Costco- nuggets, hot pockets
*Clean up craft table
*Put away Halloween stuff into box
*Make addy labels for Christmas cards
*Organize pictures
*From Candy- P.chef orders, Wyatt's boots, buckets
*Cascade paperwork
*Get charger from Dani
*Dinner- Pizza's
*Work with Ester for few hours

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Kimi said...

i put mine up today