Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crabbing and Scrapping

First here is our new boat. Derek has taken alot of time on it and added a fish finder, stereo and the pedestal seats in front and back.

Wyatt in his rain gear getting ready to leave.
They got 30 crabs between them all, think it was wyatt, derek and 3 other guys. The all got their limit.
Here are my new layouts I did yesterday at a crop.


Beth said...

Ca-ute! I love the little mushroom on the Abigail layout!!

Kimi said...

i like the mushroom too, you should add her middle name to the title in smaller letters. i might have to steal that for a josefine layout. where'd you get the mushroom?
love them all!

Carrie said...

That photo of Wyatt while fishing is amazing with the mountains and fog in the background. It looks so surreal.

Jinglbells said...

gorgeous layouts!! so GIRLY!!