Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lots to talk about

Well I have had a busy day and it will gone on into the week.

So today....

I did a load of wash and the toilet bubbled, filled up and then the tub filled up with a couple inches of water. After draining the tub I washed my hair in the faucet and the toilet filled up and up and up, ya it didn't stop, kept flowing right onto the floor.
So then my sister Dani, my mom and I went the 'Festival of Tree's craft fair'. It was so crowded. We all then went to Olive Garden for lunch. Both Dani and I don't get to go often cause our hubbies don't like it. Dani and I went to pick our kids up from my dad, I guess Wyatt had been crying off and on for awhile. I get there and he was burning up. Had a temp of 103- 104. He was so sad and tired. He fell asleep as soon as I got home and had him in the bed. He is doing better now.
So a plumber friend stopped by to look at the clog. Yea i now have a hole in my back yard big enough to hide a person in. But he unclogged the clog. YEA!
Ahh and all this while derek is gone for the weekend.. so sucks..

But on a good note....

On derek's way home tomorrow he is picking up my boys, Ryan and Zach. YEA! They will be with me for the whole week. Should be fun. Then on Wednesday my son , Colton, will be coming over and then Derek will leave for the weekend. So it will be just me and the four boys alone for the whole weekend.


Our menu this week will be easy pleasing dinners.

~Chili cheese dogs, french fries

~Breadstick Casserole, salad


~Meatloaf, Mac n Cheese, Salad

~Thursady- Thanksgiving Dinner at paretns

~Friday- Homemade Pizza

~Saturday- Spaghetti, garlic toast

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