Saturday, November 07, 2009

A thinking brain

So who knew making this garland was going to be so difficult. I didn't like the colors of Joann's and Micheal's pom poms, they were to bright and fluorescenty. So I found some at Oriental Trading Co. not to bad of a price with a online special they were having.

But then you have to figure out how much to buy?

How long should the garland be? I searched the internet and I found a site that says you need about 9ft of garland for each foot of tree. We usually have a 6-7 ft one so I figured we need 54 to 63 ft. So to be safe I rounded up to 65 ft. Wow that is alot of garland. Ok so I just found another site that says for a 6-7 ft tree you need between 85-100 ft. Man what to do.
Each bag comes with 550 pom poms in it. I measured out a foot and will use about 17 pom poms per foot. 65x17=1105, 550 pom poms x 3 bags= 1650 pom poms, that should make around 95 ft, give or take. We should be safe I think.

I also thought this was cute, I found it on this blog. I might do something like this and put on the bookshelf in my scrapbook area. Micheal's and Joann's always sell little hand made ornaments so wouldn't be to hard to make with their good sales and coupons. I'd say I could make little ornaments, but I am not a sewer.
Also I was looking at other types of pom pom garland and found this link. She has tons of other links on her blog post for other pom pom garland ideas.
Kim I thought you might like this one.

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Kimi said...

i like the one you're doing better. and i think the handmade ornament garland will be so cute. can't wait to see ur crafts in action.