Monday, December 29, 2008

When you can't sleep at 4:30am...

I love putting Christmas decorations up, but I also love taking them down just as much I think.

A time to start over and get started on the new year. Kind of a out with the old in with the new.

I think my list To Do list is just as long after Christmas as it is before. Derek back to work (due to weather he hasn't worked in over a week), Colton and Wyatt back to school on the 6Th, boys home after a week visit, back to normal menus (speaking of, this weeks posted below), getting caught up on scrapbooking, new ringtones/ringback and blog back to normal.
Time to start getting back to being frugal with the money too. Get some stuff paid off and start saving. That is my goal this year save save save. Also I would like to start exercising. I cut out caffeine/soda (it's been 2 months) and have actually lost a little weight so I figure it is time to take that next step.
Also a big project I'm working on today- Getting the last of the organization for my scrap space done. Derek helped me put up the towel rack with the buckets finally. So now the table just need to get cleaned off and a few more things situated.

~Chicken Tetrazzini

~Molasses Beef Stew w/ rolls

~Brushetta Bake, veggie

~Spicy Lasagna rolls, salad, bread sticks

~Italian meatball Casserole

~Tuna casserole, bread

~Still not sure what we are doing New Year's Eve


Kimi said...

Love the new background.
You thinking of your word for the year yet? I think I have mine picked.
blogging might be sparce for me for a bit. i really need to get ready for the move.

Beth said...

I like the new background too. Super cute!
Hmmm.....I think I need to pick a word this year too. I've never done that before. Gotta' start thinking about that.
I want to see pictures of the finished scrap space...when it's finished. Okay? Okay!