Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am so behind on my journal pages, but I wanted to post what I have done this last week.
Day 8-Front
Day 8-Back
Day 9-Front, and there is just journaling on the back
Day 11-Front
Day 14-front
Day 15Day 16
Day 19- I used a livrary card for this one and just covered it with my christmas wrap. And it is a picture of all us girls who went to my moms house to wrap gifts and fill out christmas cards. Day 21- I used a old sticker package for this one, inside is several pictures from the day. And journaling on the back of the package.
Day 22-front. the back of this tag just says that I am done with everything and am just relaxing.


Kimi said...

they look great heather. i think tho that you should put what they're 'theme' if you used one. i love how you use different stuff for pages.

Jinglbells said...

awesome job! you did it again, and thanks for not showing my face in that wrapping pic!!!!heehee
see you christmas day!

Rebecca said...

Your pages look awesome! Merry Christmas!

Carrie said...

It's coming together great. Love that big photo of Wyatt.