Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at our house...

**Due to weather conditions some christmas gifts were not opened on Christmas, if you don't see pics of your gifts on here I will post when they are gotten and opened.

Dixie got a stocking too and she carried it around till we took the duck out.
Derek got this hat from a buddy, he actually gave it to 6 other guys too. It says US Beer Drinking Team.Wyatt was hugging each gift.Wyatt got a bunch of train stuff from his papa and teetah. He was so funny, he would look at each item, say what it was and throw it behind him till the box was empty.The boys got Nintendo ds's from their dad (he sent it with them for them to open)We gave them games for it. They loved it. Ryan said this was his best Christmas ever.So they aren't plowing any side roads here,so my parents road was pretty bad. The neighbor Garrett and my husband got on Garrett's tractors yesterday and plowed the road down. They were having so much fun.
Baby abby and me.Wyatt got a shaving kit from aunt Dani and he had fun shaving with daddy this morning.


Carrie said...

Super sweet. Love that shaving kit. Sydney loves Thomas trains too. Glad you had a good Christmas!

Jinglbells said...

how cute the little man shaving, love it!