Thursday, May 03, 2007


T5/3 Szechwan noodles w/ spicy beef
5/4 Mexican casserole
5/5 Tacos
5/6 Fish w/ zucchini & beans
M5/7 Breadstick casserole
5/8 Leftovers
5/9 Flank steak w/ twice-baked pot.
T5/10 Hamburger helper
5/11 Chicken Taquitos w/ rice
5/12 ----B-day BBQ
5/13 ----Shelton eat out?
M5/14 Beefy Salsa Mac
5/15 Hamburger patties saucy w/roasted pot.
5/16 Fish
T5/17 Leftovers
5/18 Asian Pork chops w/noodles


org junkie said...

Hello! I almost didn't catch you. A two week menu...that's great! Some pretty tasting sounding meals there.

Thanks so much for participating :)


sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Mmmmm, spicy szechwan noodles - I could use that recipe! A 2 week menu is pretty good planning!!