Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Menu Paln Monday!

This week I am making a several of our favorites meals and a few new ones (Stromboli & Fuss free Ravioli bake).

2. Stromboli serve w/ salad

3. Philly Steak Sandwiches w/ French fries

4. Cabbage Roll Casserole w/ biscuits

5. Cheesy Chicken Simmer (My DH likes it cheesy so I always add double the velveeta and extra broccoli too)

6. German Style Pork Chops w/ Mushrooms serve w/ homemade mashed potatoes and corn

7. Breaded Catfish, beans and rice


MrsWndr said...

Looks like a great menu Heath! I'm kind of foraging this week. Heheh! Love you!

MrsWndr said...

Okay, I just actually looked at a couple of the recipes and I am totally going to try the pork-chops and I've been wanting to make the cheesy chicken thing but haven't gotten around to it. Now that I know someone who has tried it and likes it, I'll be trying it.