Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Soccer Practice #1

Well Wyatt had his first soccer practice last night. Not quit what I expected- he had no focus and ran in circles alot. Derek kept asking me ' What is he doing?'

He was last when they were running, kind of went on his own when they were talking to the group, kept asking the coaches What do we do when we win?, kept saying he was tired, when they would ask him his name he went on some tangent about his new soccer shins and socks. It is funny the kid can sit for hours playing with his trains, but couldn't focus for that hour on practice.

But all in all I think he had fun!

I think it is just going to take a little longer for him to catch on. He did this one funny thing, need to try to get it on video, when he would be dribbling and he would miss the ball he would run all the way around the ball and start kicking it again when he made it all the way around.


Kimi said...

he already looks like a pro. remember, he's still young practice with him at home too. he'll catch on. the focus thing is totally normal, imaginative train play and soccer are two entirely different things.

Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

I'd say that is pretty normal Heather, from Mariah playing when she was 3 to the boys playing this year, we have experienced that many times! He just has to get used to it, just like any new thing, but just let him have fun and even if he learns one new thing, it is all good! Great pics too by the way!