Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok so this blog is all about coming clean....

I am so not as organized as I thought. Really it seems like I am but sometimes I wonder if to much organizing gets in my way. Or am I organized enough and just need a better plan to get it all done. I just don't feel like I have it all together sometimes. I really try to be, but I just feel like I can't do it all and I don't get everything I want done on a daily basis. So it's not all jsut about organizing I guess I is getting it all done.

With cleaning (this includes everything in the house: laundry, vacuuming, dishes, etc.), outside yardwork, driving Wyatt around now to soccer and school, picking Colton up weekends, being the classroom mom (this is new this year), meal planning, shopping, cooking 3 meals a day, blogging, couponing (this has really paid off for us), alone time with Derek (which hasn't happened to much with his night job), being a mommy, scrapbooking (which has taken a back burner), watching my shows (thank goodness for the dvr), working out, me time.

Now don't get me wrong I love a good challenge and I love being organized and getting it all done, but I think i need to get a better system. What do you do??

Here is what i do now-

I have my calender and dry erase board at my desk. I figure this is where my phone and computer is so it works best here for me; to make appt., pay bills or just see what is going on on a daily basis. On the dry erase board I have a list of monthly bills and I put the amount and due date on them and when I pay them for the month I just cross them off. On the calender has holidays, days off for school, when the boys are here, birthdays, appts.
What I would like to do better- I have gotten really bad about birthdays, it is like I see them coming and tell myself ok need to send a card, but ya the day comes and goes and it doesn't get done.

On my fridge I have a dry erase board that I put my daily To Dos on and I have a magnet clip that I put my menu and/or the recipes for the week on . This is actually really working well for me. It is all where I can see it, love this spot. This works well for me.

Now this spot is new I have Wyatt's soccer schedule (which is also on my calender, this is just a better view for Derek cause he never looks at the calender), school paperwork and rebates. Wyatt also puts his art work on here, which kind of gets in the way and falls into the dog bowls. What I would like to do better- I need a better way to put all the paperwork and newsletters Wyatt will be getting in school. What do you do with your school paperwork, and art work?
So now on to my couponing. When I print and clip coupons I put them in two envelopes; one is for food and one for everything else. These envelopes go into a ziplock bag along with coupons and lists of things I will be using at a store that day. Every few weeks I go through and put upcoming expiring coupons up front or if I don't think I will use them in time I give them away to family and throw expired ones away.
What I would like to do better- Um anything for this would be better, it works ok i guess but i think i might be missing some coupons and if I am at a store and know i have a coupon for something i want to get I have to go through the whole stack to find it.

I just want to know how you do it all....
being a mom, organizing, working (if you do)
So I am hoping this will either help me see what I need to change or that someone out there can tell me what they do different that might help me out. If you do something different I hope you post a comment and let us know what you do.


Jenny said...

As far as the coupons go, I ordered a organizer thru Dominic school fundraiser program last year. There is a separate sleeve for meats, frozen, canned, etc. It helped me a little.

Kaylen said...

Hey --- check this blog out for an awesome bulletin board idea! You can drape wire across it with clips and have Wyatt hang any school papers himself.

Brandy said...

For Coupons you can buy a divider in the office supply section, it comes with little tabs so you can name each section yourself. This really helps me keep them organized. I organize them by the way the store is set up so that when I get in that section I pull out my coupons for those items and then I place them in the front of the divider and know when I get to the checkout that those are for itmes in the cart.

Michelle said...

I love your idea of clipping recipes to the fridge for the week!! I need to do that. I am SO disorganized!