Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hangs like a monkey

Wyatt has really loved preschool so far this year. He has lots of new friends and some are old. He has 5 from his class last year. This made it nice for these kids, so they kind of new people already. He tells me he has a new friend and when you ask him what his name is he says 'I don't know, he's just my friend'. He talks about his teachers all the time so I am assuming he likes them, lol.
One thing he has been talking alot about is hanging upside down in the classroom. I wasn't to sure what he was talking about and he said he would have the teacher take a pic for me. I know they can't really do that so I convinced him to let me come in to class yesterday and have him show me. He had no problem with me taking a pic so I could show everyone what he could now do.
He is getting so big and grown up.
We are still having problems with soccer. It just isn't the greatest right now. He doesn't pay attention and kind of wanders off on his own. The coach will try to tell him to do something, like get the ball, and he just kind of sits there and ignore them, like he thinks it's funny. It has been hard cause I think the coaches get to the point that they leave him out of doing stuff because they want the kids who are trying to have time to practice without having to pick Wyatt and get him to do things. I totally understand this, but feel bad for Wyatt cause he isn't getting a chance and eventually realizes and says he wants a turn. It was really hard last practice I had to walk away cause I started tearing up, I just don't understand why he is like this cause he isn't with other things. He is so different when paying soccer. But he says he doesn't want to quit and he likes it so we will keep working on it. I have to remember that he has never even seen soccer played so it is all new to him.
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Kimi said...

Some things you might try with Wyatt.
1. Talk to him about listening to his coaches and doing what they ask, like he does for Mommy & Daddy. Because they're adults and deserve his respect and attention.
2. You might also tell him that if he doesn't start participating more in practice that you will take him out of soccer. This could be an empty promise, but if he likes it, it might be enough to get him to listen up. Because you're right, it's not fair to his coaches and the other kids that want to learn.
I hope it gets better. I loved the pictures of him playing. He is one well dressed soccer player. Love it!