Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This is my menu for the week I didn't do it until today because the inlaws where visiting this weekened and we ate out and BBQ'd alot. Also I still haven't figured out my picture issue, I have one more guy who is going to look at it before I have to pay to have it fixed, so please keep it in your prayers. So I haven't had a computer since Thursday.

-Tues. will be leftovers, we have alot of foodleftover from this weekend with the inlaws visit.
-Grilled Asian Pork, mashed sweet potatoes, brocolli

-Family Favorite Kabobs (from Taste of home June/July 08)

-Fish, grilled zuchinni, brown rice w/ frssh herbs

-Baked Chicken, salad, Cheesy beans & rice

-Turkey Burgers w/Salad

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