Saturday, May 03, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Due to money issuses I didn't go grocery shopping last week, so we just ate what was available in the house. So most of the recipes will be repeated this week with a few extras because this menu will actually be starting on this Saturday.

-A night out for Wyatt's 3rd Birthday

-Salsa Verse Braides Pork, tortillas

-Balsamic Chicken w/mushroms, Cheesy mashed potatoes

-Sausage & White bean Cassoulet, whole wheat rolls

-Tilapia w/ fresh herbs, asparagus, brown rice

-Homemade pizza on pitas

-Savory Chicken, corn, noodles

-Leftover night

Visit Laura for more menu's on Monday.


Kate O'Brien said...

love looking at your weekly menus. i love getting new ideas. this weeks sounds great!

Kimi said...

hey, i wanted to ask, how derek is doing with his healthy kick? still eating good and working out?