Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

My MIL and her husband are coming down on Thursday so I will only be doing meals until then just because I am not sure what they will want to do for dinners.

Stew Stuff (ww) w/ salad

Tacos (from ground turkey)

Sandwiches/ Leftovers (lots of leftovers from the party)

Bubble up enchiladas

Also I am looking for some really good WW meals or just real healthy ones, please send links if you have any. If you are new to the site my DH is working out and getting this family to eat healthier, he has lots 20 lbs so far. But it can sometimes be hard to find good healthy meals so please share any you have. thanks


Michelle said...

oh the bubble up enchiladas sound so good...:) I too am looking to loose weight as is my hubby..have a great week..

Kimi said...

hey, i cna't believe dereks has lost 20 pounds already. have you lost any? not that you need to, just wondering since you've been eating healthier too....i know that amy at too many recipes has lot of ww meals. u should leave her a message.