Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time flies when your having fun..

So this Sunday, May 4, Wyatt will be 3.
Wow that is a long time.

He has grown so much just in these last few months. He wants to do everything himself.

-He can take a corndog out of the box from the freezer.
Put it in the microwave, close door.
Push the 30 sec. button twice.
Get the ketchup out of the fridge and put the ketchup on his own plate.

-He can undress himself, well he tries any way. He has gotten his pants on and off, just not over the diaper.

-He has no desire AT ALL to potty train.

-He has to pick out his own shirt, I now can't even come into the room while he is doing this.

-He sings. I have caught him a few times singing a wheels on the bus song, not sure what it is but i hear a pretty good melody.

-He loves making up new games with daddy.

- Today I found him outside trying to convince a bird that was across the yard to sit on his finger, it was pretty funny.

So after his 3 year appt. tomorrow I will post some pics, his height and weight comparison and some of his favorite things.


mom2monkeys said...

Heather, cherish those moments. I love the bird story.
It's hard letting the baby of the family grow up. I think it will be difficult when noah starts kindergarten in the fall. I will have no more chicks in my nest at home during the day.

I love the photo of the guys golfing.

Kimi said...

i love that photo

Rebecca said...

Aw, happy birthday to your son! Don't feel badly about him not wanting to potty train. My son recently finally started showing interest and he'll be 4 in July. Starting preschool motivated him more than any bribe I had ever offered. Good luck with it!