Sunday, April 06, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Ok so it's not Monday, but I have been off on my menu planning and now that my dear husband has been working out and eating healthy, I figure I better start making menus again so I can watch what we eat a little better.
I am so proud of this man, he was a burger (ok 2 burger) and fries kind of guy and he made this change and has stuck to it. Now before I met him, while he was in the Marines, he used to eat healthy and was way into body building so it's not new for him, just has been a long time.

So this is the menu through next weekend.

-Rosemary Chix w/ white beans, salad

-Steak, Herbed Zuchinni noodles

-Spicy Thai Shrimp , brown rice

-Turkey burgers, Homemade fries

-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad

-Fish, scallops, veggies, Saffron rice

-Left overs

-Eat out one night (it never fails so I might as well plan for it)


Kimi said...

I"m glad to hear that you're feeling better. Your menu plan looks great. I know you were looking for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe. Check out Her last two posts are a CC Cookie recipe and then a chicken recipe that looks pretty dang good too. Let me know what you think...

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Kate O'Brien said...

darn it - you are making me hungry! your menu sounds divine! have a great weekend.

Kimi said...

what is with you people and your lack of blogging? don't you guys realize that this is my only connection....this i thrive on this shizz...
still waiting on the pics of those layouts you've been doing.