Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ok this eating healthy thing is harder than it seems. Alot harder than I thought.

Rosemary Chicken w/ white beans, salad (from last week)

Pizza, made w/ pita bread

Something fish, no clue yet what.

Saturday- I work all night at crop at the LSS and DH and kids will be at sister's house for UFC fight


Kimi said...

i'm so over everyone trying to eat healthy. i say if you're having home cooked meals (not frozen pizza, like me ;)) and you're not having hubungeous portions I think you're okay. It's all about moderation...
I think the healthiest I could ever go would be eating more veggies and having less soda, oh and maybe less frozen twinkies. hehe.

Kate O'Brien said...

doesn't sound too bad! you are inspiring me to try some of these dishes!

enjoy the crop.

Beth said...

Ok, so what did you think of the Rosemary Chicken? Did you do anything different than the recipe said?

I made it how the recipe said (except I used italian seasoning instead of rosemary). But the veggies weren't soft enough, and the chicken was dry. We all really liked the flavor of it, though, so I want to make it again. I figure I will cook it longer for the veggies, but what about the dry chicken? Any suggestions?

Love ya!