Saturday, April 05, 2008

I think I'm allergic to Spring break..

So a week ago, I got up and felt just fine, drove to a couple scrappin stores on my way to North Bend (1 1/2 hrs away) to pick my boys up for their spring break. We ended up taking the ferry home and I felt just fine. We stopped by my parents house at about 6pm, just to say hi and so the boys could see their Aunt Beth and her kids before they left the next day. Out of know where I get a sore throat and my head hurts, so we leave and go home. We all settle down for the night and I wake up the next morning and feel icky. I had to work a 1-6 shift at the store, I go in after medicating myself with sudifed. Felt yucky, but made it through the night, I get home and went straight to bed. And there I stayed until Tuesday afternoon when Ifinally went into the doctors.
AHHHH I felt so bad and was starting to have a real tight chest and it was getting harder to breath. The doctor (which is whole another story, I went to high school with the guy, weird) didn't say if I had anything or what it was and I didn't ask any question because he gave me a inhaler and put me on amoxicillin.
Let me tell you after just 2 doses of amoxicillin and a good night sleep I felt like a new woman. No more pain, chills, sweats, ok so i still have a bad loud rough cough and runny nose, but I feel so great compared to what I did for those 4 days.
So my poor boys took care of me for their spring break and had no fun. I had planned so much for us to do and instead I spent it in bed.
Sorry boys, but thank you for asking me everytime I coughed if 'I was ok' or evertime I woke up if 'I felt any better'. Love you two.

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Carrie said...

I'm sure your boys were just happy to see u and that u were feeling better.