Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas To Do...

44 Days left till Christmas!

........but who's counting. Ummm me!

Ok so I am I have alot I want to get done before then, well some are even before December. So I thought to help remember to do what I want to get done I would post on here to help me remeber and maybe give some idea to others. Maybe if youare doing something different you can post a comment and show me what you are doing this season.

I would love to make this button tree.
This one was made by Tia B. over at 2 peas.

Here is an advent calendar I would like to make, not sure if I want to make it on the cookie sheet (like the one shown) or one that I saw made from a clipboard.

Then this holiday mini book. Thought it was so cute. You can see the rest of this at Kristina's gallery over at two peas.

So these are my magor things I want to do, but of course the usual cookies and candy to hand out to friends. Can't wait to hear what you all are going to make.


Beth said...

You're way more ambitious than me. I'm just excited to actually decorate my house this year. It's been five years!

Oh, I made those chocolate/butterscotch/peanut butter things. SO GOOD! Very rich. I didn't have a 10x15 pan, so I used a 9x13. They were pretty thick, but so good.


OMG are so ahead of the game here. It all looks like fabulous ideas!! How exciting.
I did start 2 projects yesterday, but I can't share yet, cause neither are finished.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, please send them to your husband as well!!!

a.l. clark said...

I am a fan of the cookie sheet for the advent calendar. Magnetic and cute, that is the best.

Lori said...

You are good girl!!! I haven't even thought of any projects yet!!! I love the button tree!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, wish your husband a Happy Birthday too!!

Pearl Maple said...

Thanks for the count down and peeks at some great ideas to get cracking on. So much to do so little time!

Kimi said...

HOLY CRAFT FAIR BATMAN! I love the button tree and the calender. The cookie sheets a cool idea cuz you can use magents on it. LOVE IT!
You have inspired me, will I actually do anythign crafty this year, not sure, but now I kinda want to. Hehehe!

Kimi said...

ps...can u send me the links for those two projects? ALWAYS INCLUDE THE LINKS!

Rebecca said...

Usually this time of year I'm working on mini albums for the grandparents & other homemade gifts and this year I've got nothing done or even planned for. Those ideas are all very cute! I'd do the calendar on a clipboard myself, maybe a metal one & then you can still use magnets. Good luck on finishing your projects!