Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday indeed.....

So I wanted to go shopping this morning, but Derek had to work so I didn't want to go until the boys were up. So when Colton got up I went to start the car and because it was so frosted over I got out of the front to get into the back seat to get the scrapper, well the door shut, but not all the way.

Hmm ya it was locked. Great I have no extra keys because I was using my parents car. So after 45 min. of sticking things into the little crack in the corner of the door I found a long enough stick with just the right amount of curve to get to the window switch. Well I got it yea! My problem skills sure where put to the test today.

Well then I get down to the bottom of the hill and the place was covered in fog. The second picture is of this and right on the other side of the fog is a light, you just can't see it. Don't think I've seen that much fog around here, not like that.
So then the shopping began at around 9. I went to Kmart, Fred Meyer and walmart. Then I went to Safeway to get the boys some donuts (and get my self a tall white choc. mocha, yum). Came home till Wyatt took his nap then went out again, Target, Pier 1, Toys r us and Joanns. Now no I didn't buy stuff at all the stores, but with an online purchase at Old Navy at 5 am this morning I am almost done with my christmas shopping for the 4 boys. One more thing for Zach and Colton. YEA!
Ok I will be back with more pics later tomorrow we are heading to the tree farm with Tom and Ester.

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