Monday, October 29, 2007

A few layouts I just did.

This first one was done for a challenge about the 80s. I am the one in the pic wearing the red sweat pants and felix shirt. I had just gotten off an airplane. But what were we thinking when we dressed back then.


Rebecca said...

Cute pages! The 80's layout looks totally 80's. I don't understand the dress back then either - it's scary that some things are coming back!

Kimi said...

I totally love that 80's one. You know I'll be saving that for a later date. Love you. I'll call you today.

Silvitanova said...

Love these pages. We have a total revival of 80's fashion here. Horror! ...well,ok,.. to be honest: I'm thinking of buying some 80's boots that go with my skinny jeans LOL)But no high hair for me!