Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well I am following my sister Beth and doing a little posting about my day. I didn't go to bed last night till about 11:30, I haven't been sleeping to much. I have been worrynig about the house alot, expenses, what needs to be done and what we want to do on the house first, moving day (and how it's supposed to rain a ton that day), and just making sure I have done everything i need to on it. We sign all the closing papers on this Thursday, the 15th, YEA! Get the keys on friday and start moving in. I am hoping to be cleaning the rental by sunday night. But what I want to happen never happens that way, so I need to just go with the flow. Well so far today Wyatt and I watched Cars, several times, went to a few stores,the bank, had our lunch and then at 1 I layed him down for his nap. I turned on 'Stick It' and sat down and started scraping a Mini albumn for him (Wyatt) with pictures of his favorite things and family in it. Hoping that he will get to know everyones face a little better before everyone shows up here in 26 days. YEA! I can't wait to see everyone and hang out with all them, show them my new house, have them help me pick out colors to paint, and scrapbook. Oh girls I hope you are ready to do some serios scrappin. Derek is working overtime today, fourth saturday in a row. They are pretty busy at work and we also are trying to get some money saved to do some needed repairs on the house. I am so glad he likes his job, as much as he has been there lately. This is his last week of school and the new quarter will start in two weeks. His dirt bike is broken, again. So he won't be riding on it for awhile, not because of the part (it's $4), but the weather is soooo crappy right now he doesn't like to ride in the rain. They get so cold and wet I guess they can't feel their hands or toes. Well not much else going on here so I am going to go and finish the album. Bye.

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MrsWndr said...

Again, I love hearing about the day to day stuff. I can't wait to come up there. I want to see the mini album too.