Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Home Inspection done, one more step closer.

Well we had the Home inspection today. The inspector, Darryl, who did it is the greatest. He is such a nice guy, so thorow, and was so funny. It was also nice cause he took dh and I around to everything and explained it all to us. There is alot of stuff wrong with this house, but he said if we are willing to take the next couple of years and just go room by room it would be well worth it in the long run. Or biggest concern is the electrical, it all needs to be redone. None of the three prong outlets are grounded, no i dont know what that means, but he says it's not legal. SO we will have to pay for that first and formost. So my kitchen gets put on the back burner (lol) for now, along with the scrap room. That sucks. But we would have our own house and that is most important to me US! So sorry girls I wanted the kitchen done when you got here, but it may not happen. Rats. I guess you will all just have to come back up and see the house when we are done.
But we really do like the house and the area is great. And if you crouch down just right in the front yard and look sideways, inbetween several trees across the street, you can see the water. Sooo pretty!


Beth said...

So the seller doesn't have to fix the outlets, since they aren't up to code?

Danielle said...

yeah you should offer a little less.like see how much it would be to fix that and see if they would be willing to knock some money off. are you going to ask dan to help with that...isnt he an electrition? maybe that could save you money