Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We are in the new house.

Well Derek and I are now homeowners. We got the keys on Friday at around 4. Wow still doesn't feel like it is ours, I guess that is what happens when you rent for so long. When we right that first mortgage check out, I bet that will help. We started moving Saturday morning. It went pretty fast a couple of Derek's friends from work, my sister, dad and mom helped out with the move and it only rained off and on. So with everyone's help we were done that night. It is now Tuesday and all I really have left is hanging pictures. I want to thank Ginny and the Samuel's for the great housewarming gifts, the gift cards will come in handy for those much needed house things we apartment dewelers didn't have. That is another thing you don't realize, is all the kinds of stuff you need living in a house, we have NO outside tools, dish drainer (boo hoo no dishwasher), etc. OK well now I am rambling so i should go and hang some more pictures. I'll send some more pictures when we get things put away.

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MrsWndr said...

Yeah, congrats on the new house. I'm happy for you. ps...you don't need to send me reminders on new posts anymore, I check you everyday.