Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pops and bags.

The marshmallows pops were actually easier to make than I thought they would be. I used Large and small marshmallows to create these.
I just cute the small ones in half, put a little water on them to make them stick to the top, put them on the stick and then dipped in yellow candy melts.

The gift bags took some time to make because I didn't want to go buy a punch, so I used my CM circle cutters.  
Bags cost $7. I bought a set of 12 bags form Hobby Lobby and I bought a pack of bright paper from Micheals. The skimmers in the bag were $4. The mini figures cost a little more, but I did get them on sale. $30. (They were $2.50 each) I bought these several months before party as to not hurt the budget to bad. The coloring books were free, I just used paper I had.
And the crayons, free, I made these. I a friend had the tray and she let me borrow it and I just used crayons we had to make them. 
Total cost per bag was $3.41. I try to do some homemade things in with store bought. One it cuts down on your total cost and two it makes it more personal.

 I got my invite and Lego coloring book free templates from Cleo Livin' life. I love that she shared them, there isn't much Lego party stuff out there.
I got the cute bag idea (and banner idea) from several spots, but Homemaking Fun gives actual size dimensions on them.

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