Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lego Party Decorations

I just loved how the decorations turned out, again low cost.
The Pom poms I made myself and it cost me $6 for the tissue paper (I already had the yellow ones from another party I did).
The cake was done by a good friend and cost me $50, probably would have cost more if she wasn't such a good friend. You can find some of her other stuff on her facebook page A Slice of Heaven by Nette.

 The Banner- $3. The red card stock was .50 from dollar tree and the white I printed the Lego font on was 2.40 from Micheals. I just got a cheap white card stock. Behind the banner is a yellow piece of material my mom had in her stash.

I only had to buy 3 vases most were bored or I had them. The two small ones were from the dollar Tree for $2. And I did need to buy one bigger one for $10 from Target, but I know I will get allot of use from it in the future.
Some of the vases are filled with Lego pieces and the others candy. The candy I purchased in bulk from Winco. 

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