Monday, October 04, 2010

This weeks Homework- mail pile

I can only help so much in organizing your house, I believe there are some things that need to be done by you, homework I like to call it. I just can't go through that mail stack, junk drawer, toy chest, or those kitchen gadgets. I can't know what you want to keep or throw away, only you do. So while organizing I will ask my clients to do homework till the next time I come.
I figured not everyone is close enough to have me come help them or just can't do it. So I thought I could start a weekly homework to share with everyone to help them start getting organized and clutter free. I can't tell you how nice it is to only have in my house what I need, nothing extra.
So this weeks homework is to go through that mail stack, you know the one sitting on your counter taking up space. We all have those spots were all your mail, magazines, school notes and junk goes. I will admit I have one too. Mine is a tray given to me by my mother in law. It started as my coupon spot, but now holds all kinds of stuff. So every few weeks I go through it and do some purging of expired coupons and such.
One thing that usually doesn't sit in there is mail. Everyday when I pick up the mail I go through it and I urge you to also. Don't just stack it up, GO THROUGH IT DAILY. Put your bills where they go. Put junk in the recycle bin. And hang up any invites or things you need to see on your command center.
Have any questions please let me know and I can't wait to see what how you do. Find me on Facebook over at MY mission is YOUR organization.


Kimi said...

the link didn't work for me...but i'm so proud of you for using the gifts god gave you to help others. i've always been jealous of your organized mind. ;)

Erin (nickname: Erna) said...

I cannot wait for my next homework assignment!