Saturday, October 02, 2010

Riding is like...

On a long ride if I was in a car I would be looking at facebook on my phone or texting one of my sister, but on the back of the bike I just have lots of time to think. Like..

How riding is like taking a hike with out all the walking. I have seen the scenery so close it is just nothing like riding in the car. No steel and windows in your way.

Now don't get me wrong this brings up a con about riding. When in the car you can chit chat and laugh with your friends. I do miss this while on the bike. Yes we have special signals and I am getting really good at charades. But it jsut isn't the same.


Beth said...

"I'm getting really good at charades" made me laugh!

Kimi said...

i love taking bike rides...not that i get to on eric's bike, but his dad always lets us use his while we're home.