Friday, March 19, 2010

A little change...

This what it looked like before, but I used the yellow tall tin to hold my utensils (in pics below) and the yellow bowl is new from my sister, Jenefer, for my Bday. This is it now doesn't look to bad, but I will see how I like it after looking at it for a week or so.

These were my utensils before. I was using the pampered chef rounder, but wanted something that fit the style of the kitchen better.So I switched it two these two tins. I am not sure how easy it will be this way so I will keep it a week and see if it works. I just had the pampered chef thing so organized that I could grab things with my eyes closed. LOL

I hate how unused this counter is, seems like such wasted space. It is in such a odd spot it is hard to make use of except for the dish drainer which is always out and the utensils that I use with the stove.

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Rebecca said...

A little change can be fun. :)