Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on family

-So as you all know Wyatt is NOW fully potty trained, I thought I had it down last week, but he had a few accidents. I told him the next time he did I was throwing away the poopy pants, but he wasn't having it (I just am so tired of my hands smelling). But after 2 accidents and the fear of me throwing away his underwear he now always goes to the potty. Heck we haven't even had any problems with big store bathrooms, he is still a little scared of the automatic flushers, but is doing good.

-My Paxil weaning is going well. I am on 5mg every other day. I would quit cold turkey now, but I just hate that whooshing feeling in my head and it would be worse if I quit completely. I did decide to order a colon cleanser that helps get rid of toxins in the body, I heard this might help get the meds out of my system. So I will be trying this this week.

-Now Derek has made some amazing changes these last several weeks, He quit dipping and drinking (except fight nights). The drinking started a few weeks ago, he went out with friends and had only 3 beers. He was really sick the next day he has just decided it is not worth it to feel like this (which really isn't normal for him),but he doesn't want to take any chances. Hey works for me, he now drinks Odules except on UFC fight nights, that night he does drink. He has gotten teased by his buddies, but so proud of him for sticking with it and not listening to them and knowing his body and family are more important than what his friends think. Darn peer pressure.

Also he decided just the other day he was quiting dipping, YEA, so excited about this one. He made me throw away all his spit bottles. I think this one might be harder though he was getting freaky last night, needing gum to chew on and getting agitated easy,but we can get through it.

So this is an update on our little family, our crazy little family.

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Jenny said...

My husband quit dipping almost 4 years ago...I was soooo HAPPY!! Sometimes when he's stressed, he says he'd LOVE to go buy some...