Thursday, June 04, 2009

Random thoughts for today!

Random Thought #35-
Today Ali posted pics on her blog to show the signs it's summer for her family, so I will be playing along and taking pics today showing how it is summer for us. Hope you play along! (girls you know who you are, Rebecca, Carrie, Kim, Jenefer, Dani, Beth, Terry, Cyndi ;) )

Random thought #21-
I realized how fat I have gotten, yea yea, say I am not, but I see myself when not dressed. Or in those clothes you would never wear outside in public, but are so hot in your house, you wear in the privacy of your own home. And you are bulging out of them, holy moly this happened to me and I just can't believe it.
Yea I was working out for awhile a month ago, but so no progress and got frustrated and stopped, then got sad and ate more and blah blah blah more excuses I know.

Random thought #26 (which goes with #21)-
Derek wants to go on a cruise in several months and I need to GET IN SHAPE.
So I am determined to start walking (hoping my sisters will want to with me) and I think I will also join the gym down the street, they have tanning and daycare so it would be perfect so us.

Random thought #65-
So one thing I have noticed while getting off the Paxil is my mind is shot. I really hope this goes away soon. I seriously I can't type, this small blog post as an example took twice as long as it normally would because I think every word has had to be written, then deleted, then written again, due to mispelling writting the wrong word, Ican't think either. I will think try to tell someone a word and I cna't think of it and know what I want to say but just can't find the word.

Random thought #1-
I really really need to start scrappin again, I am so behind and need to take this summer and catch up.

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Kimi said...

that's a lot of random thoughts. i'll walk with you.