Monday, June 01, 2009

Rooftop BBQ

Our friend Chili lives in Tacoma and he wanted to have a BBQ. Well when in Tacoma with no lawn where else do you have it but on the Roof.
Wyatt loves taking pictures now so this is one he took of me.

View from the roof.

Wyatt took a shine to this girl, believe her name was Mindy.

On another note Wyattt tried tohide behind a chair and poo and I caught him, we had to take the elevator down 6 floors to Chilli's apt. and then Wyatt sat and the toilet and finished pooing, yea. So now that he knows how easy it is I am hoping he will do it at home. Pretty funny too he ran up to everyone when we got back up to the roof to let everyone know he pooped in the potty.

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Kimi said...

looks like a great time. and what a BEAUTIFUL view!