Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Crafts

So here are my crafts for this season. I am very excited about doing these. I usually try to do some easy ones and at least one that will take more time. This wreath idea was from BHG site. I went to St.Vinny's yesterday and bought up all their cutters, but I don't think I have enough yet.

You can find the instructions for this one this site. The Jingle all the way had to be ordered from Stampin Up, but I have a friend who sells it so it worked out great and is on its way. YAY!

I love these thumb tack tress. I got this idea from Landee See, Landee Do. I will only make one and it will just sit with all my other trees I have made in the past. (Button, Pom pom and Ribbon trees)

Today I am off to buy as many of the supplies as I can to make these. What are you crafting this year?


Rebecca said...

Great ideas! I love the bells in the shadow box. Can't wait to see your collection of trees. I have several ideas pinned but nothing decided on or executed yet.

Kimi said...

i love your tree collection. i might have to make some.