Saturday, November 05, 2011

Advent Ideas

So I searched Pintrest for some ideas on Advent calenders. Every year I say I want to do it, but december comes and goes and I never make one. Here are all the ideas I found, some I know I won't do. but for my brain I had to post them so I won't forget why I don't like it.

This one I think is my favorite, plain and simple. Cute number tags on the envelopes. Make or buy envelopes in different sizes and either put an activity idea for the day or a small treat inside. Here is the link. I thought this was cute, wrap idea around a old thread spool. It would be hard to find enough of the spools. It was also sitting on a cute stand. Here is the link for it.

This is kind of like the first one, but she put the numbers on the clothes pins. Love the different size envelopes. Here is the link.

Here is a cute idea with envelopes, but you actually hang them on a bulletin board. To bad by board is all full. It also shows how you can also add small gifts instead of things to do. Here is the link.

This was a cute idea using magnetic tins. I was thinking you could put them on your fridge if it was a central part of the house (mine is not). She uses just a board for hers. Here is the link.

I thought the trees was a cute idea if I had the room to store them all. Here is the link. She even gives you the tree templates.You probably have seen this one all over, using the pails. I love this ideas, but that is allot of pails to buy. Here is the link.

This is a great low cost one, using a muffin tin. Just cover the tops to hide a surprise. Here is the link. She also shows some other great Advent idea.

All the Small Things has some great ideas for activities to us for your advent calendar.

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