Sunday, September 04, 2011

Put on paper for the world to see

So it is that time of year, time for change not only am I changing my living room, but I think it is time for change in my life.

I am tired of feeling in the rut, with my weight, eating , tiredness, crafting, etc. I am not sure if it is the new school year that makes me feel like a new routine, kind of like the start of a new year.

My hubby made a comment yesterday that sparked some of this. He said that some of his t-shirts were to small. And I weigh more now then I ever have, but just have no motivation to do anything about it. So with him bringing it out there also I think it means our eating habits need to change and change now. So starting are next meal plan we will be eating healthier. Shh but don't tell him. Also my drinking habits too. No not alcohol, soda, coffee, etc. Time to switch to water and diet drinks (cause I don't know if I could give up my Dr.P).

I am hoping putting it here will help get me started and maybe if I start blogging more it will help. So I will be seeing you alot more I hope. (haha) We will see how well I do.

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Kimi said...

I can be your nag if you want....check the jessica seinfeld cook book, it's about hiding veggies in meals