Sunday, September 04, 2011


So I am changing the living room around. Not furniture wise, just color. This house is really dark and I know with fall and winter coming it is time to lighten things up a bit.
The wall is a blue, but I noticed from when my sister lived here they seem to lighten up a bit with lighter objects in the room. So I will be adding white, pinks, and hoping some birch wood. I am adding the birch to maybe keep it manly so my husband doesn't feel like he is walking into a single girls house. LOL. Plus I really myself don't want it to be to girly, but more outdoorsy.

Here is the living room now.

These are my pictures in my room I got from IKEA, I will be moving these above the mantel.Here are a few things I will add to the room. White frames, some birch accents, and pink items from IKEA.
So stay tuned and I will show you when it is all finished, just have to get a few more items before I can switch it around.


Danielle said...

you should paint those shelves white, if you like the style or you cant find a style you like. they would be easy to take apart and spray paint.

i love that style but i dont think they make them in white

Kimi said...

i definitely think changing the shelves to white and maybe the hutch would brighten it up alot. i love the pops of pink you're going to add. can't wait to see how it turns out.