Tuesday, August 05, 2008

i hate being sick.

Ah I hate being sick. It just takes everything out of you. My 3 yo and I got sick Sunday morning, well we actually shared the flu. I had the bad stomach pains, runs, and was so weak tha i had a hard time walking around, and he had the vomiting. I couldn't get out of bed all day. Then yesterday I was still really weak so I would get up and do what I could around the house, then lay down, then do it all again just so the house wouldn't get to messy.
So this means that I didn't do my menu for the week or the usual Monday running errands and grocery shopping. I hate when things like that put you behind.
The rest of my week is so busy also. I have a root canal on Wednesday, my last day of work on Thursady, wedding on friday and the UFC fight on Saturday night. We are going to be busy busy. Plus the usual house stuff, cleaning and cooking.
After this week though it will be smooth sailing and i will be counting down till my scrap retreat on the 21st till the 24th of August. very very excited. It is by the ocean and 3 hours away from my house. YEA! no kids no hubby no cleaning or cooking. and lots of scrapbooking. sounds goog to me.


Kimi said...

are you out of the scrapping slump then? i hope you have a wonderful retreat, i wish i could be there with you. love you.

Rebecca said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Getting sick stinks. The scrappy retreat sounds AMAZING - can I go too? ;)