Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When it rains it pours.

I tell ya that when things are going good we should know that it won't last long. Good things to happen to us this last past week or so
-Lady came to live with us and even though the first day or so was rough it has been going really good now.
-We had the money to pay cash for a new couch and chair, which was so needed. The blue couch we had, I got from a friend 8+ years ago and who knows how long she had it for before that. It had seen better days.
-My sister from Hawaii decided to come and spend the summer here and then my other sister Beth decided to come up to, yea can't wait to do lots of summer things with them all and all the kids. (PS. so this weekend ALL 14 grand kids will be together.)

But you can't think things could go wrong when every thing is going so good. YEA right! So 2 nights ago my computer went squiggly and shut off. This has happened before and we usually just wait and turn it back on, this time it would not turn back on. So I took it to my dad yesterday and he says the mother board is dead. Man that dang thing is only 3 years old, grr well RIP crappy computer. Well we have to have a computer though for my hubby's business to do all the book work, so now we have to come up with the cash to get another one. There goes paying off DH dirt bike this month.
Oh oh it gets worse!
So My hubby was on his way home from work yesterday and got a phone call so he pulled off the freeway to talk to the caller and his truck died smack in the middle of lunch rush hour traffic on the off ramp (right in the middle of the ramp, didn't even make it to the side of the road) So he spent hours on the side of the road waiting for a friend to look at his truck(to find out it won't be a quick fix), the the tow guy, then at Truck Town buying a new truck. Not sure what is wrong with his truck, but with his job he needs a running one everyday and we were going to buy a new anyway just didn't plan on it this soon. And the truck needs to be one that will hold his 1500+lb welder in it. So this neww one will be great for it. I'll post pics later.
So this makes me worry what else could go wrong?? I hate to think like this but like I said in the title when it rians it pours.


Jinglbells said...

Hey,I have major sympathy for you!!! We have been there! Think of it like this -the tide goes out and the tide comes in. It is all a part of the cycle of life. Rejoice in plenty and plan for want/need.

Carrie said...

That sucks. If you want Jason always gets his computer parts from they have just Motherboards that you could buy instead of buying a whole new computer. Let me know if you need help!