Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Enjoying summer

So I have been having a blast this summer so far. Most of you know that I took some time off of work at the scrapbook store to spend time with my sister, their kids and mine. (one sister came up from Cali and one flew over from Hawaii) I think I have kind of get on my sisters nerves though because I keep planning things and making them do them.

Like going outside to the neighbors house while she was having a bonfire or going to the beach, but I have found that I have lost so much while my older boys were growing up and just want the kids to have fun and remember this summer forever and want us mommies to enjoy watching them.

I don't know I think I just came to this place in my life that I want to enjoy everything. I love just taking it all in, my hubby, sisters, my kids and life. I am enjoying it so much too. I just find I have this total peace over me. I am trying not to sit on the couch in front of the TV either, even though that is nice too sometimes. When we have been home during the day I have been sitting outside, watching the kids play and throwing the ball for lady(the dog).

side note: Lady is so funny she loves to chase the ball and I am teaching her to actually bring it back to me not run away.

Derek, the boys and I are on a road trip to Spokane,WA. tomorrow. Derk and his friend Rob are going dirt bike riding. We are staying at this awesome hotel, Red Lion at the park, that has a outdoor pool. Which will be nice cause they say it is supposed to be in the 100s. While the guys are off riding the boys and I are going to spend the day at Riverfront park, they have a ton of stuff to do there, Carousel, rides, waterfall, big red wagon, etc. So say a prayer for a safe trip and I will have lots of pics to post we we get home.

And please go out and enjoy your family. love to all!

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